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Test the Best - Natural Nail Boost Gel

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Want to try before you buy without the big investment? Our Test the Best kits are a great way to do just that! These value priced kits with step by step instructions ensure perfect application and help guide you in your important product decisions.

This all-in-one brush-on gel will strengthen, even out ridges, revive and conceal natural nail imperfections so that polish and gel polish will last longer than ever. Perfect for clients with weak nails or presenting with damaged nails from improper removal of gel polish. Truly the thinnest overlay you’ll ever use.
Advantages at a glance:
  • Functions like a perfect base for nail polish or gel polish
  • Ideal for those wanting a clean and simple shield for added strength to natural nails
  • Unique flexibility prevents natural nails from breaking and splitting
  • Perfect for clients with weak nails, or those damaged by improper removal of gel polish
  • Ultra-thin, all-in-one gel that's easy to maintain

Contents Include: Cleaner, 10ml; Natural Nail Boost Gel, 10ml; Super Shine Finish Cleaner, 10ml