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    The WOW Hybrid Gel Polish Hype continues! New colors available in new display!

    There are many gel polishes on the market, but we have the original hybrid with a plumping texture. The gel-like texture of WOW Hybrid Gel Polish provides a balancing and even effect. Nail grooves and imperfections are spun away by the special consistency - for nails with a gel look!

    Why does the paint last so long?

    The photoinitiators contained in the WOW Hybrid Gel Top Coat crosslink with the oligomers contained in the WOW Hybrid Gel Polish, thus ensuring more durability every day. The nails appear firmer and stronger.


    • all 6 new Wow Hybrid Gel Polishes, 8 ml
    • Wow Hybrid Gel Topcoat, 8 ml

    You will receive a tester + 3 pieces of separate merchandise for each item.

    • without acetone
    • fast drying time without UV or LED light device
    • up to 10 days perfectly painted nails
    • professional paint brush
    • base coat and color in one
    • UV light technology that reacts with daylight
    • gel texture
    • ultimate shine
    • optimal coverage
    • easy and quick application

    Due to the included photo-initiators, the WOW Hybrid Gel Polish System must be protected from direct sunlight.