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Natural Nail Boost Gel + Travel LED

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    Natural Nail Boost Gel (NNBG) is a solvent-resistant permanent natural nail base coat that is designed to protect the natural nail and ensure that nails grow to be beautiful, strong and even.

    In many cases women (and men) suffer from brittle, soft and flaking nail plates. Also, natural nails can be severely stressed and weakened after wearing sculpted nails. NNBG functions like a protective shield, providing the perfect base for polish by smoothly filling grooves as well as irregularities in the nail surface.


    Flexible & strong nails that appear more smooth, even & beautiful

    The nail plate can regenerate itself during the application

    The extremely thin layer of the Natural Nail Boost Gel prevents polish from staining the natural nail - even dark colours

    Nails appear clear, vibrant & glossy

    WHO NEEDS NNBG?Clients who...

    Want long lasting nail polish

    Wish to let their natural nails grow evenly, strong and beautiful

    Have thin, brittle and soft nails

    Want their natural nails sealed with a natural manicured look

    Want to have an extremely thin strengthening layer on their nails and not a typical sculpted nail

    Have grooves in their nail plate and who wish to have even and youthful looking nails

    Want to easily transition from soak off gel polish to natural nails

    If you offer natural nail services, you need NNBG!

    This high performance and very handy LED unit guarantees an especially fast curing in only 60 seconds. USB and traditional plug power.

    PROPERTIES: small, handy unit; especially suitable for home use

    CHARACTERISTICS: Two step curing (four fingers, thumb separate)

    Technical Data Voltage: 230 V Power supply: 5 V, 6 W
    Measurements: Width: 101 mm; Height: 60 mm; Depth: 130 mm 

    Acid free gel-polish perfect for all nail types - One-of-a-kind worldwide

    Based on our existing light curing technology in which LCN has been experts for 30 years.

    Cures in LED light in 60 seconds (UV 120 seconds)!

    Quick & easy application - adds less than 10 minutes to your manicure service.

    Non-soak off system grows out with nails - easy refills every 3 weeks.

    Regardless of how many times your client wishes to change her nail polish, the base stays intact.

    Highly elastic and flexible to stabilize nails, prevent breakage, and support nail growth.

    Developed exclusively by a team of LCN scientists in Germany.

    Perfect for clients who want: their polish to last longer: to have their natural nails look better;want to be healthier!

    98% of all test clients are thrilled with the result and would recommend the NNBG to their friends.*

    Safe for all nail types and promotes the growth of healthy, beautiful natural nails.

    Easily eliminate ridges due to damage, trauma or age!

    NNBG is not recommended or suitable as a base under soak-off gel polish.