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"New Year's Divas" Polish in Sequin Pouch

 "New Year's Divas" Polish in Sequin Pouch - 88683
Dark Base Coat
Dark Top Coat
Bright Base Coat
Bright Top Coat
New Year's Diva Set
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    This polish trend set contains two cream polishes and two glitter polishes to create the ultimate party look in only two steps! The polishes consist of a base and a top coat each in the colours bright and dark.

    The Top Coat bright is applied onto the ros� polish with a large number of different glittery multi-size silver particles. The delicate multi-sparkles that shine one thousand fold per perfectly displayed on the black polish of the Top Coat dark. For a very special look the effect polish twins can also be combined with each other.

    Polish come pack in a stylish rhinestone clutch - another great diva accessory!

    Contents: 4 x Divas Nail Polish in a stylish sequined bag