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LCN Manicure File Set

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    Salon sanitation and safety are some of the hottest topics in the nail industry today! For nail technicians everywhere, what better way to show your clients you care about the safety of their nails than with the LCN Manicure File Set.  As an LCN favorite, this set comes with everything a nail tech would possibly need to obtain the beautiful manicure while keeping your clients' well-being in mind. Containing LCN's thick and thin Profi files, Banana buffer, Golden Streak, as well as the 4-sided Polish File, the Manicure File Set is the must have of any successful salon.

    Here's a closer look at the files!

    The Profi files within the set are available as both thick and thin.  The thin Profi file is a 100/180 grit file and the thick Profi file is a 100/240 grit file.   Making sure your natural nails are always safe - 180 is the lowest grit that should be used on natural nails. If the nails are damaged or prone to damage, a finer grit is recommended.

    The Banana Buffer is a 120/240 grit file. This is a softer grit that 100 and is often used for buffing the nails to a smooth finish or buffing away stains.

    The Golden Streak is a 100/100 grit file is and suggested for filing and shaping artificial nails only.

    The Polish 4-sided file is great for providing the nail with a high shine finish.  

    Set of files for the studio customer
    Contents:Profi file, thickProfi file, thinBanana BufferGolden StreakPolish-file 4-sided