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Diamond Tiara - Nail Polish

Diamond Tiara - Nail Polish - 43179-476
Diamond Tiara - Nail Polish - 43179-476
Item #: 43179-476
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    From the trend collection The Powder Room, comes soft-hued shades that offer a retreat for the senses. Powdery shades of pastel meet timeless elegant colors that flatter every woman.

    -472 pillow talk: a blush pink cream

    -473 pink seducer: a rose mauve cream

    -474 satin slipper: a taupey mauve cream

    -475 star dust: a pale pink apricot with soft shimmer

    -476 diamond tiara: a clear base with pink and gold glitter (perfect on top of any The Powder Room shades)

    Vegan and animal friendly.

    Available in retail friendly 8ml or professional-sized 16ml nail polish. Also available in our Recolution Gel Polish, 10ml and our award-winning Colour Gel, 5ml.