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Combine Cure & Shine LED/UV Light

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    LCN presents the new generation of lighting devices.

    The combination of LED and UV tube technology allows for absolute precision of cure and provides ultra-brilliant results. As the name implies, this attractive studio unit combines the safety of the proven UV tube system with the speed of LED technology. The fine UV spots are the further development of the tubes and, with the LED spots, form an unbeatable synergy for professional results. The built-in soft button function enables pleasant work even on heat-sensitive customers. With this function, the curing performance and heat development is slowly increased from 60% to 100%.

    • LED and UV tube technology in one device
    • removable bottom plate
    • 3 time intervals 15, 30 and 60 seconds
    • integrated soft button function for sensitive customers
    • by inserting the hand, the light barrier goes on automatically
    • very safe and secure reliable curing of all LCN UV gels in just 60 seconds - also thanks to the angles in the interior that reflect the light particularly efficiently

    Wattage: 36 W
    Number of LEDs (400 nm): 8
    Number of UV spots (365 nm): 10

    Dimensions: W: 205 mm, H: 84 mm, D: 176 mm