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Bondique Black Diamond Trial Kit

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The hardest and most luxurious gem in the world has been added to Bondique, LCN's most popular overlay resin; and Glaze Gel, LCN's high-shine sealant. This exclusive combination guarantees unbeatable strength and shine. For beautifully thin and flexible overlays, look to The Black Diamond Manicure for your salon's most elegant nail service.

Brilliantly suited for all nail types. 

  • Highly Elastic Resin - Designed For Thin/Weak/Flexible Nails But Suitable For All Nail Types

  • Strong Bonding Properties

  • High Degree Of Fracture Resistance

  • Capable Of Creating Very Thin Overlays

  • Moderate Sculpting Ability

  • High Gloss Shine

  • Compatible With All LCN Resins

  • Extremely Comfortable, Light Weight And Natural Feeling