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SPA Hand Care Kit

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    The SPA Hand Care Kit offers luxurious care for your hands and nails at home. Contents include:

      • SPA Lemon Sugar Scrub, 75 ml (Art.Nr .: 91030)
      • SPA White Tea Hand Cream, 75 ml (Art.Nr .: 91027)
      • SPA Macadamia Nail Oil, 16 ml (Art.Nr .: 91025)
      • 4 Sided polish file (Art.Nr .: 30061)
      • Cuticle Pusher. Best used after showering or when hands have been in water.
      • Packed in a fashionable trend bag (note bag may vary from picture shown)


    Step 1: File the nails with the included nail file to the desired shape and length. Gently push back cuticles with Cuticle Pusher.

    Step 2: Apply a generous amount of the SPA Lemon Sugar Scrub to the back of your hands and palms with circular movements. Exfoliate the hands and forearms for about 2 minutes each and remove the peeling residue with warm water.

    Step 3: For intensive care and as protection against external environmental influences, apply the SPA White Tea Cream on the back of your hand and massage it gently into your hands.

    Step 4: As a final care, provide the nails and cuticles with vitamins and minerals by treating them with the SPA Macadamia Nail Oil.